Dancing with Stone Masonry Pros in Calgary Alberta

Stone masons are typically burly men with lots of muscle. You wouldn’t expect them to go ball room dancing. But in Calgary, Alberta, Canada there’s a crew of stone masons and bricklayers who threw a ball room dance party to celebrate a birthday in the company. Before we tell this amazing story, find the company information below.

Masonry Calgary Pros – (403) 917-1471 – 31 Castlebrook Rise NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 1R4, Canada, https://www.masonrycalgary.com/

Ball Room Dancing with Stone Masons and Bricklayers in Calgary AB

We were right to think that it was unusual for bricklayers and stone masons to go ball room dancing. And that’s how we got into contact with them. They reached out to us to ask for virtual dancing lessons over Skype and we agreed. They wanted to surprise their friend with a ball room birthday party and over the course of two weeks we trained these stone masons how to dance in the ball room fashion.

We were also able to attend the birthday party virtually by having an open laptop on the DJ’s table. We watched the whole party and danced with them as we suggested songs to the DJ. It was a blast and we learned a lot about the nature of burly men. Just because a man like a stone mason is covered in dust and muscle doesn’t mean he can’t dance. We also learned this in Winnipeg with landscapers but these stone masons were much more surprising to see dancing because they had never danced like this before.

Seeing the person who was celebrating his birthday react to the surprise ball room party was the best part of the night. The look on his face when he saw all his coworkers dancing was hilarious–a look we’ll never forget.

All in all, it was very impressive to see how a company of masonry Calgary professionals could celebrate a coworker’s birthday in such extravagance. We hope we get more clients like them in the future, especially when we’re open physically and no longer need to do all our dance lessons virtually. A few days after the party, we had a friend in Calgary who was looking for stone masonry services and we recommended our new friends for the job and in turn we gained another referral from our new friends. It was a win-win, and the service our friend in Calgary received was very well done.

We’re glad you enjoyed this odd yet inspiring story. Just remember that next time you see a burly tough guy that he might really be a sweet and kind person inside who throws a dance party for his friend.