Dancing When No One’s Watching

Dancing when no one’s watching means writing a poem no one will read. It means cooking a meal no one will eat. And all that means that dancing is eye candy, which is a great insight. But for the dancer who can dance while no one’s watching it means they enjoy it in a way non-dancers will never understand. Just like how a hermit in the mountains makes a sacrifice to the universe that no one will ever know about besides him, only he can understand it.

Have you ever danced alone? And my dancing a lone I don’t mean filming yourself on social media. I mean really dancing a lone for a good solid hour, and never telling anyone about it? I’ve done it more times than I can count, and I love it!

I also think that if you’re dancing alone for practice so that you’ll look less silly next time you dance in front of people, it’s not the same thing. A lot of people practice dancing alone but only because they intend to do these moves in front of people.

To truly dance when no one is watching means it’s more than just practice. It’s just you and the music and your moves. Even the universe can take back seat!

Try it.