thank you red deer towing company

Thank you, Red Deer Towing Company

Something tragic happened on the road in Red Deer, Alberta, the other day, but thanks to Red Deer Towing Company, our project was saved. Today, we want to tell that story of what happened and give a special shot out to our saviours.

Maybe the word “tragic” is a bit of an exaggeration. Some dancers and I were passing through Red Deer to reach a private venue where we were to perform dancing on stage. We were already running late when one of our tires popped. Being struggling performers during these pressed times, we were horrified because none on us had money for a decent 3 star meal let alone the cost of a roadside tire change. But one of us did have a phone with some minutes on it so we decided to try our luck.

After calling several different companies for towing Red Deer service, we finally called Red Deer Towing Company at (403) 907-1136 and after explaining our situation they towed our car to the venue for free! We were five minutes late to perform for the small, socially distanced audience on the outdoor patio but we told them our story and they understood.

We performed better than we had in a long time because, first of all, it was our first venue since the pandemic began and, second of all, we had just moments ago believed we had drove all this way for nothing and would not be able to perform. Thanks to this kind tow truck company, when no one else was willing to help us, they really saved our butts.

The venue was a grand time and we look forward to performing again in Red Deer at some point in the future.


Dancing For People as a Service (some thoughts)

When thinking of what I should write for my next post, my mind started to drift and I thought about dancing for people as a service. These are my thoughts on the topic.

  1. I believe even dancing naked for people to entertain them sexually is ethical, as it’s a service some people need to get through the day. Not everyone has the kind of mind to go to a strip club to see live pole dancing, but those kind of people are no less important than some super ethical guy who thinks strip clubs are nasty.
  2. There are professional dancers who are hired for things like music videos and live performances. I’ve always been jealous of these people because being a dance instructor pays around the same but isn’t as fun. I love being in front of a crowd, but my crowds are students, not roisterers at live events.
  3. Teaching dancing is necessary for professional dancers to make a career. People could always learn how to dance alone at home but in the bigger picture there would be a lot less professional dancers in the world if dance instructors didn’t exist. Just saying….
  4. My favorite part about going to Las Vegas is seeing the live dancers with that Las Vegas style. I love how the early 20th century with all it’s strange culture is kept alive in Las Vegas through the artform of show dancing.
  5. To become a professional dancer might be harder than 90% of all other jobs, even becoming a doctor because you need to be a certain type of person who loves doing that kind of crazy stuff like physically exerting yourself in front of others who get to see your sweat and muscle grooves.

These are just some random thoughts I had about dancing professionally to entertain people. I hope you learned something cool.