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A Landscaping Winnipeg Dance Party

Just because you’re not a professional dancer doesn’t mean you can’t dance and make people say “Wow.” And just because you’re not a professional landscaper doesn’t mean you can’t work in the backyard to create a beautiful garden landscape. Everyone is different, but this event I’m about to share with you proves what I just said. So, welcome to another day on The Plaza!

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I met up with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met for a dance party. But this wasn’t an ordinary dance party. It didn’t take place in a club or a ballroom. It took place in the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever danced in, a carefully articulated masterpiece of trimmed hedges, retaining walls, paved walkways, flowers, trees, and water features. And when the sun went down, slapping the moon to the sky, all the landscape lighting over the ponds and gardens was extraordinarily out of this world. This is all because the people hosting the party were landscaping Winnipeg pros, literally. And let me tell you, they knew how to dance!

I was blown away by how well landscapers can dance. It might just be a Winnipeg thing but, seriously, I was taken aback and surprised. Then, one of them, after ogling his own landscaping features, said to me, “Don’t be so surprised. I bet you can landscape just as well as we can dance.” As a professional dance instructor I automatically needed to test his theory. So, by the light of a swinging lantern, I set out to work turning a weedy patch of grass by the fence into a garden. They supplied all the tools, and I supplied all the creativity. Hours later, with an audience at my back, I rose, sighing with relief. What was the result?

The result was that, yes, we all have creativity within us, and if you think you can’t do something there’s a good chance you haven’t tried it yet. Back home, I usually hire landscaping companies but now I think I’ll just do it myself.

I had so much fun at this party that I think it should be a regular event in Winnipeg. Indeed, why aren’t landscaping dance parties a thing? If you held this event in a part of Winnipeg that needed an extra touch of beauty, this would be the best way to do it, in my opinion. All you need to do is supply good music and landscaping tools, maybe some drinks, and people will landscape in public parks for free, saving the city money and supplying heavenly entertainment.

What do you think? Either way, I bet I’ll be having another one for those parties with those same awesome people, ad if the world doesn’t decide to catch on then we’ll have all the fun for ourselves.

I’m glad you stopped by. See you next time!